Classic race cars are a unique symbol of the past, a way to look back through history; to a time when the undeniable brilliance and charm of the car was first discovered. If you’re a classic car enthusiast already, then visit our classic cars for sale in Kent. If you're simply interested in classic car racing , you may find yourself wondering about purchasing your very own classic race car. But, with a multitude of choices out there - how do you know which is the right one for you?

Not to worry, we’re here to help.

First things first

Before you start looking into purchasing classic competition cars , you need to make sure you’re buying it for the right reasons - namely, buying it for yourself! 

Now that you’ve checked that box, you can move onto the next step - what kind of use are you looking to get out of your new classic sports car ? If you’re simply after classic race cars that will look great as part of your existing portfolio, and you aren’t planning on racing, opting for a more expensive but well-restored model that requires little tinkering is the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a unique, potentially rare model, then be prepared to set aside a sizable budget, as classic cars do tend to be big-ticket items.

A restoration project

However, if you’re after a restoration project that you’ll end up racing, it’s likely you’ll want something that needs a bit of fixing up while still being fairly dependable; ultimately delivering excellent racing performance.

With future restoration projects, you can afford to spend a little less money and opt for a slightly more run down model, as you’ll end up resolving most issues during restoration. Plus, the restoration side of the project will likely end up being fairly costly, so balancing it out from the beginning is a good idea. 

But don’t forget to be realistic about your capabilities. The last thing you want is to cause irreversible damage by attempting a restoration that’s outside of your skillset.

Knowing what make and model to go for

If you don’t have a make and model off the top of your head to go for, that’s okay! If that’s the case, the easiest way to decide is to pick which era you’d like your car to come from. Your options are:

The other alternative is to talk to others in the classic racing car community, research iconic classic car models, or even visit a classic racing car showroom. Chances are you’ll find a model that speaks to you!

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