So, you have decided to go racing and more specifically, you have decided to go racing in a classic car. There is nothing more rewarding than pushing yourself and your classic car to the limit, it can be tremendously rewarding as well as an extremely enjoyable way to make the most of your classic car.

How to Begin Your Classic Racing Career How to Begin Your Classic Racing Career

To start on this journey, it is important that you are sure racing is something you want to do and ultimately you have a series and car in mind to go racing with, of course that is something we would be happy to assist with and can advise on.

While you are making you decision it is important to get the wheels in motion to gain your racing license. While you have a driving license you are not able to go competitive racing without having taken your ARDS test and being issued with an MSA license.

In order to do this you need to order your MSA ‘Go Racing’ Start Pack (ARDS), which is a CD, book, example license and a handy pen (link below)! This will set you back roughly £99 (including VAT), once you have received this, it will take you through the basics of motor racing and you will have set the wheels in motion.

Once you have this form, book a medical at your GP, complete the form and get an ‘ARDS’ course booked in at your local race circuit. While it is not mandatory, it is worth not going into the ‘ARDS’ test cold, track driving can be daunting and at times a little manic. You will not be alone on the test and there will be other people enjoying a track day.

When doing your ‘ARDS’ test, they are not expecting you to drive your fastest, they only want to see safe handling of the car and good spatial awareness. Once you have gained your licence you can then apply for your preferred race series!

Before beginning your search for a car, make sure you study the rules and regulations of your chosen series in detail so you have the required specification fresh in your mind.

When searching for a car, you have three main options: you can start from the beginning with a road car and set about transforming it into a race car; you can purchase a race car and consider race car preparation for the series specification; or you can purchase a car that was built or has competed in the exact series you want to compete in.

The 1st option will most likely always cost the most amount of money, but you will have free reign over the whole build and will ultimately have a better connection with the car whilst both maintaining and racing it. As well as this you can make sure the car is exactly as you want it!

The 2nd option can be just as rewarding and is usually a much quicker process, it normally involves processes such as: updating safety features (roll cage, fire extinguishers); changing engine specification; and making sure everything is mechanically sound before thrashing the car on track.

The 3rd option will see you racing as quickly as possible, the car may only need servicing and checking over before it hits the track in your chosen series. You will need to ensure your car is competitive so be sure to talk to people within the series who have seen the car race.

Whatever route you go down, it is always best to talk to people and get a professional to either advise you or to carry out the race car preparation work for you. We offer all of these services to get you and your car on the track as soon as possible using your preferred method. Before searching for any car, make sure you study the rules and regulations of your chosen series in detail so you have the required specification fresh in your mind


Once you are up and running, there will be no looking back and we’re sure you will enjoy every moment of your amateur racing career. We hope to see you on the track soon!


 MSA 'Go Racing' Starter Pack: