A classic sports car has an inimitable style that’s hard to match, bringing the best of motoring design together with a great driving experience. Drive along the street in any of the classic British sports cars and you’re guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.

If you’ve got a hankering to own one of these beautiful historic race cars, you might be questioning whether you should go ahead and take the plunge. There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer - here are just a few.


They Hold Their Value

One of the biggest drawbacks with buying a modern car is that you know you’ll always lose money. Cars depreciate in value so the purchase price is the cost you pay for the convenience that having a vehicle offers.

This isn’t the case with classic race cars. One of the markers of a classic car is the fact that it increases in value, rather than decreases. This means that you should consider buying a historic car as an investment, rather than an expense. The older a classic car gets, the more it is typically worth (depending on the condition). Hooking up with reputable classic car restoration experts will help you protect your money, and increase the value - all while having the joy of ownership!

One last point about cost: although it’s not directly related to the purchase price, you won’t have the same outgoings with a classic sports car. Vehicles which fall within the official classification of historic cars are exempt from tax and MOTs. You can read the rules about this here.


Join a Classic Race Car Owning Community

When you have a passion, there’s no greater satisfaction than sharing it with like-minded individuals. There is an enthusiastic and evergrowing classic race car community who love to get together and show off their pride and joy

Joining a club for classic competition cars is enjoyable, but also useful. You’ll get tips about how to find the best vehicle parts, or the most knowledgeable classic car dealers and workshops to use. This can help you to get the very best out of your vintage motor, while also taking part in an activity you love. That’s a real win/win!


Stand Out From the Crowd

Even those who don’t own a classic car can appreciate the beauty and quality workmanship that they offer. Park your car up anywhere and you’ll probably end up being approached by admirers who are keen to know more about the rare delight you’re driving around in!

British sports cars aren’t designed to be driven by wallflowers; there’s no chance of fading into the background when you are behind the wheel. If you want a way to strike up a conversation wherever you go, or simply to share your love of motoring, driving a classic sports car is the perfect solution.


Rediscover Your Love of Driving

When you’re loading up the shopping into the family saloon, or sitting in traffic on your daily commute, driving often feels more like a chore than a pleasure. Classic race cars can help you to rediscover the joy of being behind the wheel.

Historic competition cars offer a wonderful driving experience, quite unlike anything else. Whether you’ve opted for a model which has an impressive speed, such as the Jaguar E-Type, or one that has sparky handling, you’ll find that getting out on the open road and taking your classic race car for a spin is a true delight. It couldn’t be any further from the monotony of the daily grind, and offers an opportunity to appreciate the freedom that four wheels provides.

If this has whet your appetite to start your very own classic race car journey, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team of staff today - we’re really happy to help!