Determining the "best" Jensen Interceptor can be subjective and dependent on various factors such as personal preferences, intended use, condition, and budget. However, among the Jensen Interceptor range, the later models are often regarded as the most refined and advanced. We’ve prepared a brief summary of the Jensen Interceptors, with a special focus towards a rare variant in particular.



SERIES I (1966-1969)

The first of the Jensen Interceptors, therefore, forever offer a classic appeal as the ‘original’ Interceptor. However, the Series 1 does lack some of the refinements and upgrades found in later and more popular models.

SERIES II (1969-1971)

Moving the model forwards, S2 was introduced with several improvements which included updates to the interior and mechanical components, overall, they are considered more refined than their older siblings.

SERIES III (1971-1973)

Series III Interceptors featured further refinements, including upgrades to the suspension system and other mechanical components. Highly sought after for their improved performance and comfort. The Series III also introduced exciting variants such as the first convertible.

SERIES IV (1974-1976)

Representing the final iteration of the Jensen Interceptor. They featured additional updates to meet evolving safety and emissions standards. Production ceased in 1976 due to financial difficulties.




Among these series, the later models, the series III in particular, are typically considered the best due to their refinements and improvements over earlier iterations. Making its debut in 1971, the Mk III featured several upgrades over earlier models, including improved handling, updated styling, and more luxurious interiors. Hidden amongst the Series III production are variants such as the SP (Six Pack) boasting a more powerful V8, the FF (Ferguson Formula) the first production car to feature four-wheel-drive and of course, the Interceptor Convertible for their rarity and open-top driving experience. Here are some key features and aspects of the Jensen Interceptor convertible.



The Interceptor convertible boasts a sleek and elegant design, characterized by its long hood, short rear deck, and distinctive chrome accents and, more importantly, featured a power-operated soft top, adding to its allure. Inside, the MKIII convertible offers a luxurious cabin appointed with high-quality materials and upscale amenities. Plush seating, fine wood trim, and modern conveniences contributed to a premium driving experience.


With its potent V8 engine and refined chassis, the Interceptor offered impressive performance for its time. It delivered smooth acceleration, responsive handling, and a comfortable ride, making it suitable for both spirited driving and long-distance cruising.



Production of the Jensen Interceptor convertible spanned from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, with a limited number of units produced, approximately 500 in total, these vehicles are highly prized by collectors, especially original home market examples, with only 86 produced for the UK. Today, the Interceptor convertible is a highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Well-maintained examples command premium prices and are prized for their rarity, design, and driving experience.

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