When you’re considering buying a classic car, it’s important to consider the financial investment being made, it can be easy to fall into the trap of nostalgia or forget about the financial implications of purchasing a particular car. It is wise to always to do the appropriate research first, as while owning a classic car is a fantastic journey to go on, as both a hobby and an investment, every car comes with its own running costs which hopefully do not impact your ability to profit from the car in years to come.

Classic car ownership comes with a multitude of perks, from being involved in a unique community of similar-minded enthusiasts to joying driving something iconic while preserving automotive history. All in all making classic cars a great investment. Classic cars have demonstrated that they’re a stable, reliable investment across the years. In fact, according to the Knight Frank Luxury Investing Index November 2022 report, classic and luxury cars have provided a 193% return over the past decade.

The Jaguar E-type is considered to be one of the world's most iconic British sports cars, but the question we hear you asking is - is it worth my investment? We plan on answering this question for you.


Global Appeal

The E-Type is an omnipresent British icon in the automotive industry. It is globally recognised, and one of the most well-known cars in the world. Having rocked the automotive industry back in the early 1960s, at the time of launch, the price of a brand new E-type was around £2,250, which made it surprisingly affordable when compared to the competing exotic sports cars. Its price wasn’t the only winning factor, the Jaguar E-type also featured a more innovative specification, such as independent rear suspension (IRS) and all-around disk brakes that put it ahead of its time.

For its 14 years of production, across 3 series, approximately 70,000 units were sold, spread across the globe, their rarity and popularity amongst both car enthusiasts and collectors is a major reason why the E-Type represents a great investment. Simply put, this is a classic car that is immensely popular, and will always generate a huge amount of interest as a British legend. It is an enduring classic that will always have a place in the classic car market, and a shared fascination with proven growth throughout the years.


An Enjoyable Investment

As a result of its popularity and appeal with multiple generations, the Jaguar E-type marque is regularly deemed worthy of restoration with reputable speciliast, such as E-Type UK, leading UK authority in Jaguar E-types. This dedication has also resulted in the Jaguar E-type being modernised to various levels to keep up with modern living, therefore, your investment doesn’t have to be just a showpiece kept dry stored in the garage, but, with the right maintenance, can be used and enjoyed regularly.

At the time the E-Type featured some of the very best in British engineering, which naturally became dated when compared to today’s technology. However, the E-type has been kept on the road by specialists such as E-Type UK, fitting countless reliability and performance upgrades that allow your E-type to provide better braking, suspension, and all-around comfort, while not negatively impacting your investment.

Many examples available in today's market have been restored and often upgraded in some form, with the examples boasting full nut and bolt restorations presenting the best investments, capable of achieving greater resale values.


Value For Money

Another reason why the E-Type is a good investment is the price. Of course, like all classic cars, there is a large amount of variation in the price of these vehicles - from different models to different conditions and ages. Generally speaking, E-Types can offer value for money compared with other exotic classics, as there is an E-type for everyone. 

If you’re an investor looking to become heavily involved with your purchase, there are desirable E-Types in need of full restoration for as little as £30,000 - £40,000, depending on the state of the vehicle, alternatively, you can find a good useable Jaguar E-type Series 1 for circa £130,000, with some fully restored and uprated examples hitting the highs of £200,000! With such a level of demand and interest in E-Types, you are certain to find a buyer for your E-Type, with the hope of an excellent return on your investment when you come to sell.

All in all, E-Type Jaguars can come with a lot of room for return on investment, however like all investments, buying the right marque at the right price is hugely important, and the team a DM Historics are on hand to share our market expertise to guide you on your next Jaguar E-type purchase.

Interested in E-Type Jaguars For Sale?

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