Aston Martin DB6

Production on the DB6 began in September 1965 and end January 1971, currently holding the longest production run to date of any other Aston Martin model. Known as the ‘grand tourer’ of its time, the DB6 succeeded its predecessor, the famous DB5, with its desirable improved specs, such as better aerodynamics, top speed stability and passenger comfort.

Arriving to us in need of all around bodywork from years of motoring and a fresh coat of paint, this 1969 British grand tourer is being prepared to take on a future of continued touring.

The team began taking the car back to bare metal and assessing areas that required attention. After inspection, it was clear the aluminium skin was sound, however, required localised fabrication. As the project proceeded is was discovered attention was need on rebuilding the rear wing lower corners and general aluminium spits. Once our specialist team had completed all metal work the DB6 entered our filler room and the final bodywork stage started.

After 40+ years of motoring, the DB6 showed expected road wear and tear and this quickly became the body shop teams starting point. Once all filler had been applied and the body straightened, the DB6 the was given its first coat of primer and has been left to harden.

After sitting its period of primer, the Aston Martin DB6 was rubbed down and ready for the paint booth. The team use long and short blocking of a fine abrasive prior to applying the base coat, this is by small wet and wet primer touch ups ensuring a perfect surface for the first coat to stick to. After a pre-clean and full masking, the DB6 is given its base coat of 'Aqua Marine Blue' and the team can see a long day of coats ahead. Once the final coat is applied the DB6 is ready to be flat and polished bring forward that truly iconic Aston Martin finish.

Once flat and polished the restoration team begin building up the exterior fitting all original exterior chrome including, DB badges, door handles, grille and window frames. A new front screen is fitted to reflect the Aston Martin new look. 

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